Introducing PetgasCoin

Discover how PetgasCoinV2 is setting new standards in environmental responsibility and economic incentives through innovative blockchain technology.

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1kg plastic waste =1 Token $PGC


Transform 1kg of plastic waste into 1 $PGC Token!

PetgasCoin ($PGC) is offering an airdrop that allows you to earn tokens for every kilogram of plastic waste you transform


Transforming Plastic Waste into Value: PetgasCoinV2 is leading the way toward environmental responsibility and economic incentives through innovative blockchain technology. With a smart contract and strategic economic balance, we control inflation and preserve the value of each currency over time.

Additionally, we ensure enhanced security through advanced features that exclude coin creation, authority, and permissions. Join us on this mission and discover how you can earn 1 $PGC Token for every 1 kg of plastic waste.

Total Supply


330,000,000,000 PGC

Economic Balance

Strategically burning tokens to control inflation and preserve the value of each coin over time.

Enhanced Security

With advanced features excluding mint, setAuthority, and permit functions, PetgasCoinV2 ensures robust security and trust.


Key Features  PetgasCoinV2

Incentivizing Plastic Collection

Using PGC tokens to reward individuals who actively participate in plastic waste collection and recycling.

Total Supply




No Mint Function

Eliminating the mint function to prevent arbitrary increase in supply, ensuring stability and security.

No setAuthority

Authority functions are fixed, preventing unauthorized changes and increasing transparency.


To ensure stability and security for our users. By locking liquidity, we’re committed to providing a reliable trading environment where users can trade with confidence, knowing that the assets they buy and sell will maintain their value and be readily available.”

Sustaining Economic Value

Controlling Inflation through Strategic Token Burns

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Linking Transformation to Economic Growth

At PetgasCoin, we believe in fostering a sustainable future by connecting the act of plastic Transformation with tangible economic rewards. By using PetgasCoinV2 (PGC) tokens as incentives, we not only support environmental efforts but also enhance the viability of a circular economy. This approach ensures that every participant benefits directly from contributing to a greener planet, making sustainability a profitable and ethical choice.

Join Our Green Revolution

Ready to make a difference? Dive into the world of PetgasCoin and discover how you can contribute to transforming plastic waste into valuable resources. Participate in our token ecosystem and be a part of a movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Transforming Plastic Waste into Value

“PetgasCoinV2 $PGC isn’t merely a token; it’s a revolution in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Born from the innovative vision of, $PGC stands as a utility token with real-world impact, driving the decentralization and democratization of renewable energies. Each $PGC token represents 1kg of Transformation plastic, symbolizing a tangible commitment to reducing methane and CO2 emissions from plastic decomposition. By participating in the ‘Plastic Capture,’ you’re not just investing in a cryptocurrency; you’re supporting a greener planet and reaping real-world rewards and benefits. Use your $PGC today in select locations like Tulum at NFT Boutique.Join us in this eco-friendly movement, where your investment cleans our oceans and landscapes, one token at a time.”

PetgasCoinV2 aims to incentivize the collection of plastic waste by offering tokens as a reward. This initiative not only supports environmental efforts but also provides a financial incentive for participants, fostering a proactive community engaged in sustainable practices.